What is BRAND United?

Modern marketing is defined by its complexity. Producing connected, 360-degree customer experiences with measurable results may be the ultimate objective, but achieving this high-minded goal requires an extraordinary alignment of brand messaging, creative, marketing channels, management principles, data, and technology.

The BRAND United Summit is designed for visionary marketers that want to drive real business results by unifying branding objectives with measurable marketing performance. BRAND United will provide the tools, insights, and relationships needed to maximize return on marketing investments.

BRAND United is designed to arm attendees with the strategic and actionable insight needed to develop a unified marketing strategy.

Customer Experiences

How Leading Brands Produce Compelling Customer Experiences

Data + Technology

How Data + Technology Propel Marketing Objectives

The Media World

How Media Innovations Are Reshaping Marketing Budgets

Leading Change

How Visionary Marketers Are Leading Digital Transformation


“The BRAND United Summit is a great opportunity for marketers from different disciplines to come together and learn ways to tackle the challenges we all face.”

- Brent Reinhard, CMO, Chase Business


Please contact us at brandunitedevent@napco.com or read our FAQs.

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